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Hoyer Homestead Farm & CSA | Open House Racine County

Hoyer Homestead Farm & CSA


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Hoyer Homestead Farm & CSA

Building Information

Building Information: 
Hoyer Homestead is located on Highway D (Washington Avenue), between Highway 36 and Highway 20 in Waterford. Originally owned by Maynard and Mary Hoyer, the granite stone home was built in 1914, but we believe the barn was built prior to that. The Hoyers owned over 100 acres when the farm was fully operational, producing crops for cattle, hogs, and chickens. The remaining 5.5 acres from the original homestead is currently owned by Gavin and Laura Gillespie, and farmed by Ron and Lisa Stark for Hoyer Homestead Farm & CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) customers.

Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience: 
Visitors will take a 30 minute guided tour of the first floor of the barn, greenhouse and garden. Learn how produce is grown by blending historic techniques, such as minimal till, symmetric designs like German immigrants first used, with the new: hydroponic raised bed, organic and intensive gardening practices. View equipment used to produce biodiesel fuel, a cleaner, renewable method for fueling tractors and trucks.


Corner of Washington Avenue & Hoyer Haven
Waterford , WI 53185



9AM - 4PM
Tours Hourly

Event Permissions:

Photography Permitted: 
Photography Permitted
Filming Permitted: 
Filming Permitted

Building Accessibility:

Not accessible to persons with disabilities

Restroom Availability:

Restrooms will not be available for visitors