Open House Racine County (OHRC) gets partly funded through local businesses, like Business Lending Partners. Thus, anyone can enjoy free tours, uncovering the local history, architecture, and art. These events are valuable because they connect potential homebuyers with the local history. On top of that, locals have a better chance to appreciate their local community. OHRC hosts over 60 open houses each year. These events expose visitors to local business owners and their businesses, which is another way for people to find a place to invest their money and profit from it.
We have a transparent work process, and we are open about our funding sources. We get funding from various grants, foundations, donations, and sponsorships.
Foundations have helped us from the very beginning. Our community efforts proved to be a match for the goals of several foundations. Our donors got access to our work. To pay off their efforts, we provide free advertising and display where local businesses can share their brochures. As a non-profit, visibility is our most vital asset, attractive to businesses and private investors alike.
Grants provide us support with no strings attached. We use it to build a more user-friendly web platform that will allow people worldwide to take virtual tools in Racine County. It is our way to share what we’re most proud of with the rest of the world. The central advantage grants offer ongoing support for the project we are about to start. To us, that is more than we could hope for, as it will keep our pro bono project up and running.
Trade credits offered us access to materials and services to fund free transportation on credit terms. We also used this opportunity to set up a local office for consultation purposes at a lower price than regular suppliers.
The credit card loan we first got didn’t charge us anything, and we managed to pay it off with no charge with minimum requirements.
The personal loans we got through RMECU (Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union) helped us purchase our first tour bus. We paid it off with a combination of donations and funds from the local events we helped organize.
We are grateful to the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC), which provides regular funding, along with a wide spectrum of services, for many local companies. We wholeheartedly recommend them to local businesses.
Contact us via phone or email if you would like to donate funds, time, or materials to benefit OHRC. You can also lend us a helping hand by becoming a volunteer. Thank you for your support.