Racine - National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Inhabitants of the city of Racine gathered downtown on the occasion of National Gun Violence Awareness Day on Friday. Nearly 200 people in orange t-shirts came to protest against armed crime. Some of them have been affected by such violence. The event was organized by Racine County, Voices of Black Mothers United, and Anthem and supported by multiple organizations that provided participants with water bottles, free swag, etc.

The event aimed to show that the problem exists and changes are necessary. The rally participants displayed pictures of victims of gun violence outside, and Park High School students sold rings with shell casings from guns. These actions showed the tragedy of what was happening. People of different ages came together to share information about this danger and discuss possible changes. Many activities were organized at the event, such as dances by students from Jerstad Algerhom School and the Park High School Parkette Majorette Step Dance team.