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Racine Art Museum
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Building Information

Building Information: 
Racine Art Museum (RAM) is an environmentally sound and visual striking, modern reuse of two nineteenth-century structures. Award winning Chicago-based architects Brininstool+Lynch reinvented the space in 2003 to create a 40,000 square foot art museum to house and display RAM's permanent collection. The largest collection of its kind in the US, the museum's craft holdings include over 4,000 pieces in art jewelry, ceramics, fibers, glass, metals, polymer, and wood, as well as over 4,000 works on paper and sculptures. The building itself is a work of art, featuring and inventive exterior facade made of translucent acrylic panels that are illuminated at night, making the museum glow like a Japanese lantern. Throughout 2017, RAM is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wustum- the museum's original campus- with special events and exhibitions.

Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience: 
Visitors are invited to explore Text Message: Words and Letters in Contemporary before the popular exhibition closes on May 6. Contemporary artists––recognizing the power and complexity of the written word––utilize text to explore social, symbolic, and aesthetic concerns. While the exhibition title plays on the popular digital form of communication, the featured works are tangible objects made of fiber, ceramic, polymer, paper, and metal as well as works on paper with letters and script used as design elements or to convey meaning. RAM will also offer a behind-the scenes tour called RAM Debunked at 1:30 pm with Director of Operations and Development Laura D’Amato who will walk visitors through staff-only spaces of the museum. This is a rare chance to see the mysterious third floor, featuring one of the best views of Lake Michigan in Racine. With Laura’s inside knowledge of all the steps that bring an exhibition to life––from funding to fruition––guests are sure to see and learn something new about art museums.


441 Main St.
Racine, WI 53403



10AM - 5PM

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Photography Permitted
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Filming Not Permitted

Building Accessibility:

Fully accessible to persons with disabilities

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Restrooms will be available for visitors