Story of a Mexican Girl


Vivian Esquivel moved to the U.S. in September. The girl hoped to get a better life and was motivated to get all the opportunities the country brought her. She became a student at Park High School and graduated with a 4.0. Vivan is the first in her family to get a high school education. 

However, this way wasn’t easy for a young girl. She had to leave her parents and adapt to life in a completely different environment than she used to live. The next problem she faced was overcoming the language barrier. Most of her classes were with people who didn’t speak Spanish. The girl had to spend more time studying than other students, which was physically and mentally complicated.

However, Vivan coped with all the difficulties and became a role model for many international students. 

Friendship Despite Barriers 

One of the main factors that helped Vivian Esquivel to overcome all the challenges was her best friend - Karla Casillas. She has a similar story of immigration as Vivian. Girls attended an ESL (English as a Second Language) program together and had the common desire to create a community of Latinx students at their school. 

Latinx Students Community 

At Vivian’s school, there are many Latinx students who do not speak English. Therefore, it was essential for the girls to provide these students with the necessary support. They became members of LSU (Latino Student Union), whose main goal was to make every Latino feel included, important, and loved.

The girls helped non-Englishdpeaking people to understand the information in English and translated everything they needed. Furthermore, LSU organized a few events with Black Student Union and the National Honor Society. 

Take Every Opportunity

Vivian and Karla are great examples of people who take all the chances life gives them. “We are grateful to be here, to get this opportunity,” - Karla said. Life provides people with so many possibilities for realizing. Don’t miss them and enjoy every moment!