Radio Stations WRJN & 92.1 The Shore

Building Information

Building Information: 
WRJN station began in various downtown Racine locations, most famous being atop the American Bank building for the Dillinger gang robbery in 1933. The Victory Avenue site was originally just a transmitter building, incorporated into what became Radio Park in 1958 with a 337-foot tower, and a front doorway comprised of all glass. There are five studios, a sales wing, offices for staff and management, and a transmitter room (part of the original building). WRJN ownership started with the newspaper, and today is Magnum Media.

Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience: 
This may be your only chance to go inside a radio station, and get close to where the voices of today, and from the past, talk to you about what's going on in your world. Take a picture with the WRJN microphone. Visit the newsroom for the many historic items to record your voice, and get a sense of being "On The Air".


4201 Victory Avenue
Racine, WI 53405



9AM - 3PM

Event Permissions:

Photography Permitted: 
Photography Permitted
Filming Permitted: 
Filming Permitted

Building Accessibility:

Only First/Main Floor accessible to persons with disabilities

Restroom Availability:

Restrooms will be available for visitors